Church Officer Nomination Form

You are invited to suggest responsible members of our congregation for the CHURCH COUNCIL AND COUNCIL OF ELDERS positions listed below. (You may nominate yourself or another eligible Church member) Nominations are due by February 19, 2024


The Nominating Committee appointed by the congregational president will use the list of suggested names to begin the process of securing individuals willing to have their name considered for office. The names chosen for each position to be filled will be, in the judgment of the Nominating Committee, members of the congregation whose spiritual gifts, desire to serve, previous performance in church activities, and Christian qualifications suit them for the position for which they are to be nominated. Church Council and Council of Elder representatives will be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation.

Bylaws of our congregation require that the position of President, Vice President, and Elder be held by male communicant, voting members of the congregation of a majority age, as set forth by the State of Kansas. Secretary, Treasurer and Commissioners may be male or female and are to be communicant, voting members of the congregation of a majority age, as set forth by the State of Kansas.

Presently serving elected positions on the Church Council or Council of Elders:
(* Indicates those whose terms are completing.)
President – Matt List Day School Education – Aidan Dunleavy
Stewardship – Brett Klepacki
Brian Austin
Steve Copeland*
Jeff Davis
Vice President – Aaron Zimmerman Fellowship – Sheryl Deutsch
Witness and Service – Erica Hoskinson*
Dan Dejmal*
Steve Deutsch
Greg Holmberg
Secretary – Tammy Alford Management – Brian Lindebak*
Worship – David Drew
Jim Johnson
Dan Kontz
Jerry Mehl*
Treasurer – Barbara Mize* Parish Education – Dylan Clark
Student Ministries – Dan Stephens
Dave Ochs*
Marty Turner
Danny Witt



The following Officers, Commissioners and Elders three-year terms expire June 30, 2024
I suggest the following people for a 3-year term:

  • (1 to be elected, Barbara Mize is eligible for re-election)
  • (1 to be elected, Brian Lindebak is NOT eligible for re-election)
  • (1 to be elected, Erica Hoskinson is eligible for re-election)
  • (4 to be elected: Dan Dejmal, Jerry Mehl, and Dave Ochs are eligible for re-election; Steve Copeland is completing his second term and is NOT eligible for re-election.)