Lutheran Braille Workers

The Holy Cross LBW group meets every Wednesday in the Concordia Room. All are welcome to join us in fellowship and service.


Thirty-nine years ago, five women from Holy Cross met with a representative of Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc. for information regarding the establishment of a Braille production center at Holy Cross.

Center #71 was dedicated in October, 1972. The center meets weekly to produce Braille books for worldwide distribution. Over forty dedicated workers produce and mail Braille books: “Acts of the Apostles” in Rumanian, “Genesis” in Swahili and “II Chronicles,” “Esther – Job” in English.

Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc. is a recognized service organization of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. For thirty-nine years, Holy Cross has provided permanent work and storage space for work center #71 and the mission project of sending thousands of Braille books to the blind of the world.

As the world demand for religious Braille material increases, we ask the Lord’s blessing on the volunteers and work done at Braille Center #71.

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