Guest Survey

To our Visitors

Thank you for your thoughtful and honest responses to the following questions! You are assisting us in our efforts to make Holy Cross an even warmer and more welcoming Christian family who  are “Sharing God’s Love through faith in Christ!”

Please complete the survey by giving a “Star Rating” based on your experience while visiting us.  A “1 star” rating would indicate lowest rating, and a “5 star” rating would indicate the highest rating possible.  Also, add any “additional comments” which you think would be helpful for us to know or consider following each question.

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  • Is it attractive? Functional? Up to date? Free from errors? Easy to use?
  • Easily visible? Directions to Offices, Worship Center, restrooms, etc. clearly marked?
  • Neat appearance? Handicap parking? Guest parking? Easy access to the building?
  • Neat and Clean? Up-to-date? Pleasing? Well cared for? Welcoming?
  • Was the service “easy to follow?” Done well? Anything “distracting?” Most helpful?
  • Was the sermon interesting? Thought provoking? Relevant to your life? Motivating?
  • Were you greeted? How often? Upon arriving, departing, other? Warm atmosphere?
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