Youth Ministry

The Focus of our ministry…

Our youth participate in many activities throughout the year. The purpose of these activities are to help them grow spiritually, share the Gospel, and build relationships.

Spiritual Growth Activities:

  • Sunday Bible Class
  • Wednesday Bible Study
  • Junior Youth Night events
  • Kansas District Youth Gathering
  • Kansas District Summer Camp
  • Senior Youth LVR (Lutheran Valley Retreat) in Colorado
  • Junior Youth Retreat
  • JY Youth Quake
  • Teen Leadership Retreat
  • National Youth Gathering
  • Lock-Ins
  • Summer Safari / VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Sharing the Gospel & Service:

  • Project Christmas Hope
  • Spring Break Mexico Mission Trip
  • Homeless Drop-In Center Meals
  • 30-Hour Famine
  • Malisa’s Hope
  • Summer Safari
  • Parents Day Out
  • Peer Leadership/Mentoring
  • Advent & Lent dinners

Building Relationships:

  • Lock-Ins
  • Corn Maze
  • Paintball
  • Random Road Trip
  • Video Scavenger Hunt
  •  Fast Food Frenzy
  • Night Games
  • Movies
  • Open Gym
  • Fireworks Fundraiser
  • JY Night Activities
Visit the Youth page to learn more details about our schedule and how to get involved.