Nehemiah 13

August 23, 2015 all-day

Nehemiah 13 Final Reforms

What is “the Book of Moses”? (see Deut. 23:3)  Who should not be “admitted to the assembly of God” today?  What had happened during Nehemiah’s absence?  (v.4-5) How did Nehemiah correct them?  (Another prayer from Nehemiah – v.14f)  Was this a selfish prayer? (v.14, 22, 31) How is this similar to Jn. 2:13-16?  What “guarding of the gates” (v.19-22) must we also be doing in our day today?  Why was it important for the children to “speak the language of Judah”?  What does this say about marriage? Does this still apply today?  (2 Cor. 6:14-18)