Deuteronomy 3

October 3, 2016 all-day

Deuteronomy 3-4 East Of Jordan –

How did Israel “take 60 cities”? (v.3-4) Although the Reubenites, Gadites and ½ tribe of Manasseh were given land, what was the promise they were to fulfill? (3:18-20)  Why couldn’t Moses cross the Jordan? (see 3:25-28 and review Num. 20)  How was it that this new generation “stood at Horeb” (4:10), “heard the LORD speak” (4:12-13)? See 4:14. What future warning did God also give 4:25-27? What future promise? (4:29-31) How does Moses remind the people of the great privileges they had? 4:32-34 – What was the reason for these privileges? (v.35, 40)