2 Samuel 1-3

December 20, 2014 all-day

2 Samuel 1-3 David Becomes King – Part 1

How was another Amalekite involved in David’s life?  Did Saul “fall on his own sword” (31:4) or did this man kill Saul (1:9-10)? Why did David have this man killed?  Why the song “how the mighty have fallen”?  Why did David go to Judah?  Compare 1 Sam. 16:11-13 with 2 Sam. 2:4 – which one was “official”?  Why was there still “war between the house of David and Saul”? What tragedies were the results?  How did David show his loyalty to Saul even after his death, and to Abner, even though Abner was seeking to continue the house of Saul?