1 Kings 15-16

June 9, 2015 all-day

1 Kings 15-16 Abijah, Asa, Nadab, Baasha, Others

As we read these kings, keep in mind God’s covenant to David (2 Sam. 7) see 15:4 – [I place a cross next to the kings of Judah as a visual way of helping me read through and keep track of the kings of Judah vs. the kings of Israel]  Note also God’s great patience as these kings read for decades!  How does God show His great patience still today? Note also the sinful treaties that the kings make rather than trusting in God.  What “treaties” do we make still today?  What prophecy did Nadab fulfill? (15:29)  Note also “but you walked in the ways of Jeroboam” 15:26; 16:2 – this will be a theme of condemnation.  How do people today (especially those within the church) still “walk in the ways of Jeroboam”?  What is the refrain for the kings of Israel?