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We invite you to join us for in person Worship
Saturdays @ 6 pm and Sundays at 8:15 & 11 am
Livestream @ 11 (youtube/holycrosswichita)

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Worship Online

We invite you to worship with us!
Weekend worship services, devotions and more are all available online.

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building supplies

CarePortal Bed Build

Saturday, August 28th | 8am to 1pm

Our CarePortal Ministry is in need of helping hands for our “bed build” event.  One of the largest Care Portal needs is twin size beds.  To help meet this need we will create “bunk bed kits” to have on hand, ready to assemble as soon as a need is posted.  Please consider helping on August 28th or donating to the event to help with supply costs.

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Visit our PRAYER WALL to submit a prayer,  pray for others, and rejoice in answered prayers.

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The God Questions

Summer Sermon Series

Join us as we explore life’s great questions about God in this 6 part Sermon Series!  July 17- August 22 at all Worship Services.


Saturday @ 6:00 pm | Sunday @ 8:15 & 11:00 am | Online

Holy Cross Student Ministry

Encouraging a life where
we CONNECT with other believers;
we GROW in our faith and knowledge of Him, and
we REACH out to others in His grace and truth.

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This inspired Vision for Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School will guide us as we create more specific goals and objectives to enhance existing programs and investigate future Missions & Ministries opportunities.

Look to the Future…, Member since

“Youth Ministry has allowed my faith to grow with others and to share my rough times with people I know have my back.”

Faith – Junior, Member since 2008